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May 8, 2023

This podcast is part of the historic meeting which officially announed the merging of the Perioperative Exercise Testing and Training Society (POETTS) and International Prehabilitation Society (IPS) to promote the professional practice of prehabilitatation and exercise testing.

Hear how and why the society is moving forward with an international focus and an unmatched passion for prehabilitation.

IPOETTS is here:

This piece is chaired by Denny Levett, Professor in Perioperative Medicine and Critical Care at the University of Southampton and a Consultant in Perioperative Medicine at Southampton University Hospital NHS Foundation trust (UHS), Gerrit Slooter, Surgical Oncologist, Maxima Medical Centre, The Netherlands and Gerard Danjoux, consultant in Anaesthesia and Sleep Medicine at South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust, Mike Grocott, Professor of Anaesthesia and critical care at the University of Southampton, with questions and comments from the audience.


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