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Jul 31, 2020

The Silver Tsunami is coming, are you prepared to assess the elderly patient? Mature patients present unique and interesting opportunities to perioperative practitioners. New ways of thinking and different approaches are always necessary.

The British Geriatric Society's "Fit For Frailty" is here:

Jul 30, 2020

Originally broadcast live from Anesthesiology 2019, this piece focuses on the mission to advocate and apply prehabilitation, pre-optimisation and enhanced recovery. Defined here as "good public health [...] with the crucible of surgery".

How do we do that in a way that both patients and front line providers understand...

Jul 29, 2020

"Exercise capacity and sarcopenia" - was originally streamed live from the Charles Sammons Cancer Center, Dallas, during EBPOM-USA 2019 on

Hear this excellent talk, for free, on this podcast.

If you'd like to attend an event like this ensure your next click is here:

If you have...

Jul 28, 2020

"I know how to manage pain medication [...] addiction was the absolute last thing that would happen to me".

This podcast helps tackle the difficult subject of Substance Use Disorder in healthcare practitioners. How do we, from a caring and helpful perspective, address this issue either within ourselves or others?


Jul 27, 2020

TopMedTalk has recently engaged with a large number of new listeners, we are delighted to have you join our family of perioptimists! This piece works as a primer, it explains what lies at the core of the world's favorite perioperative medicine podcast; enhanced recovery. What is it? How do you implement it? And,...