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Jan 2, 2020


This panel discussion provides a vital and thought provoking insight into frailty in a perioperative patient. Further, as perioperative medicine evolves, how do we know enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) works? Are there any large randomised controlled trials that prove it?

This piece is moderated by Dr Ming Loh, Staff Specialist Geriatrician and Clinical Lecturer at Westmead Hospital and the University of Sydney, Clinical Lead for the Orthogeriatric Service, Subacute Rehabilitation Ward and Falls Clinic, and features; Ruth E. Hubbard, Professor in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Queensland, Consultant Geriatrician at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and Head of School for PA-Southside Clinical Unit, with Bobbie Jean Sweitzer, Professor of Anesthesiology and Director of Perioperative Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, and David Storey, Head of Anaesthesia, Perioperative and Pain Medicine Unit (APPMU), Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne; Director, Melbourne Clinical and Translational Sciences (MCATS) research platform.