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Sep 28, 2019

Insights and perspectives on the science of prehabilitation from a very different angle. It's often said on TopMedTalk that preparing for an operation is not unlike getting ready for a marathon; how do the insights of professionals who work with elite sports men and women to ensure they are fully prepared to do their physical best, on the world stage? Also, what about the teamwork inherent in such activities as the pitstop of a formula one car? Athletes, coaches and a wide number of different experts come into play ensuring a multidisciplinary team converge with essentially the same end in sight as a perioperative prehabilitation team; optimum performance at a crucial time.

Challenges are similar between the two disciplines; how do we foster a culture of learning and teamwork in a high pressure environment where the bottom line carries enormous life changing consequences?

Regular listeners to TopMedTalk may recall the unofficial preamble to this talk, "Prehab Periop World Congress: Gerard Danjoux, Ken Van Someren":

Presented by Ken Van Someren, Director KvS Performance Ltd.