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Jul 12, 2021

This podcast is a look at some of the work done by practitioners who intend to take perioperative medicine to the next level; the "perioperative enhancement teams".

The program broadly follows a patient's surgical journey, we start with the UK's PREPWELL project, as explained by Gerard Danjoux, consultant in Anaesthesia and Sleep Medicine at South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust. For more information on that go to - also, if you'd like to hear the original conversation you can find that here:

Further discussion on the subject of psychological optimisation comes from, Chloe Grimmett, behavioural scientist and lead for Wesfit prehabilitation. If you'd like more details on the project go here: - to hear the original presentation in full follow this link:

The fascinating debate which follows features Shawna Butler of the Singularity University in Exponential Medicine and Jennifer Brandon of the Hoag Orthopedic Institute in Irvine, California. That can be heard in full here:

The essential contribution from Angela Coulter, a UK based health policy analyst and researcher, on the crucial area of "shared decision making" can be enjoyed in full here:

More wisdom from Steve Flanagan, Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at NYU Langone can be found here: