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Dec 18, 2020

How can we align personalised care with prehabilitation? "Personalised care is where people have more choice and control over how their health and care needs are met" where we recognise "people themselves can sometimes be the best integrators of health and care". In this context our role is to support them to "live as independently as they wish". With shared decision making and personal choice at the heart of this we allow patients to be "experts in their own lives, health and care".

The increase in life expectancy means more long term conditions and comorbidities in patients, what opportunities does this present? How do we hone in on what matters to patients and help them manage the cumulative burden of long term health difficulties? How comfortable are healthcare practitioners when talking about physical activity?

Is it possible that personalised care could eventually be business as usual?

The NHS Long Term Plan has a website which you can see here:

The NHS website is here:

Presented by Anna Lowe, Programme manager, National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, Lead Allied Health Physical Activity Clinical Champion at Public Health, England.