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Nov 10, 2019

Preoperative optimisation and prehabilitation are key areas where your institution can increase value for patients. How do you negotiate the different pitfalls presented by the various core stakeholders?

Smoking cessation, nutrition, exercise; all are proven to help produce better outcomes for a patient. How do we...

Oct 13, 2019

How do we develop an agreed curriculum that speaks to what perioperative medicine should be? Once that's in place, how should it be overseen? What sort of official endorsements would it need?

Running in parallel to this are the MOOCs - Massive Online Open Courses - that are being developed.

Developing a broad knowledge...

Sep 22, 2019

How is it the case that some people can lose significant muscle mass while they are being cared for on the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)? What can practitioners do to help avoid this? How do we integrate a dynamic stimulus and react to new research relating to nasogastric feeding?

In this piece you will hear about a...

Jul 28, 2019

This piece is a chance to reflect upon the importance of new media within the sphere of medical education. As the run away success of TopMedTalk and other podcasts in this area shows people are hungry to use the unique potential of this medium. Also - how has social media, video casting and live streaming altered the...

Jul 21, 2019

Fresh from an expedition to Antarctica, on the National Geographic Explorer, Mike Grocott gives us an update on the "Anaesthesia at the Extreme" conference.

Regular listeners will remember his excellent talk about Xtreme Everest, which you can find here: