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Feb 1, 2020

What are the big things to watch in 2020? "Renablement, rehabilitation and readmission" from a patient perspective and "training compotence, resillience and 'burn out,'" from the practitioner's point of view, according to one of our contributors on this piece.

What about Enhanced Recovery, is that still set to be big in 2020? Is it methadone we should be thinking about? Is automation something on our collective horizon? What about the "B word", "Brexit"; will political change in the UK bring opportunity?

The ongoing issue in the US of opioid addiction and overuse is discussed. We also ask if the coming year will spread more light on what it really means to be "ready for surgery"? And, how and what should we be thinking about our profession's environmental impact?

Here's a link to the Perioperative Quality Initiative (PQIP) page:

Presented by Nick Margerrison, with Monty Mythen and Desiree Chappell interviewing our various contributors on this show, appearing in order; Gezz Van Zwanenberg, Nurse and Project Lead North West London Critical Care Network, Simon Davies, Consultant Anaesthetist at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Mike Grocott, Professor of Anaesthesia and critical care at the University of Southampton, Sol Aronson, Tenured Professor, Duke University and Executive Vice Chairman in the Department of Anesthesiology, Andrew Klein, Cardiothoracic Anaesthetist at Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge and Editor in Chief of Anaesthesia, Tom Woodock, author and independent consultant in patient safety, medical law and ethics, Henrik Kehlet, a gastrointestinal surgeon and former professor of surgery, Copenhagen University, and now professor of perioperative therapy and Head of Section of Surgical Pathophysiology, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University and Matt Wiles, Consultant Anaesthetist & Senior Clinical Lecturer at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and University of Sheffield.

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