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Sep 13, 2021

Introduced by Monty Mythen, TopMedTalk's Editor in Chief and Padma Gulur, Professor of Anesthesiology and Population Health and Executive Vice Chair for Performance and Operations Director, Pain Management Strategy and Opioid Surveillance at Duke University Health Systems.

Presented by Ramani Moonesinghe, OBE, Professor of Perioperative Medicine at UCL and a consultant anesthetist at UCL hospitals, Director of the Health Services Research Center of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and national Clinical Director for critical and perioperative care at NHS England.

Our speaker provided clinical leadership for the UK's national critical care response to COVID-19 and is now supporting the recovery of elective care as we emerge from the pandemic; her talk today focuses upon experiences and learnings from the past 18 months. Could it be that perioperative medicine is now the discipline which will help us build a road to recovery?

For more information about The Morpheus Consortium, the branding of three universities, Duke University, University College London and University of Southampton, with one shared goal – to be the leaders in perioperative medicine and enhanced recovery after surgery, ultimately improving the patients’ journey from the moment their surgery is contemplated to full recovery, go here:

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