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Sep 20, 2020

Trainees with an interest in perioperative medicine (TRIPOM) is an ever growing organisation set to continue the global push for perioperative care. This high energy podcast gives you a taste of the enthusiasm people pick up as they learn more about the value of these ideas.

The focus here is on promoting healthy aging across two primary domains: cognitive function and physical ability. Discover how multiple features of aging—including physical and cognitive decline—are strongly associated with the bioenergetic profiles of circulating cells. Could the ability to diagnose mitochondrial health address central challenges in geriatric medicine, such as the need for personalized health care based on an individual’s unique physiology and “biological age”?

How does this gripping research impact upon our work during the perioperative period?

Co-Presented by Rob Schiller MD, Temple University School of Medicine and Anaeshesia, resident at Duke University and Vice-Chair of TRIPOM USA and Bridger Back MD, University of Utah School of Medicine and Anaesthesia resident at Duke University and Chair of TRIPOM USA. This podcast features a talk from Anthony J. Molina, PhD, Associate Professor, Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine. It also contains a contribution from John Whittle, assistant Professor at Duke University Medical Centre and one of the founders of TRIPOM.