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Mar 1, 2020

Global health is something TopMedTalk listeners are naturally passionate about; here you can listen to the keynote address from the 42nd President of The United States, Bill Clinton, to the World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit.

273,077 lives have been saved over the last 7 years with over 90,000 of those in just the last year alone. 4,700 hospitals around the world that are part of this effort. 89 technology companies have committed to share data to help develop algorithms and predict dangerous trends. The patient safety movement now has 35 regional chairs leading local networks across 50 countries. This movement is growing rapidly now, PSMF would like to encourage further support.

Their website is here:

Presented by Bill Clinton, 42nd President of The United States and founder of The Clinton Global Initiative. He is introduced by Joe Kiani, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Masimo, Cercacor & the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.