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May 30, 2022

"We just thought you guys would just tell us facts about how smoking is bad for us but you're actually giving us tools and helping us practice them and implement them and it is by far nothing I have ever experienced"

Smoking cessation clinics, as an essential part of a truly perioperative practice, is discussed in detail here. How do you reach the level of patient satisfaction outlined in the above quote in an efficient way which also reflects the principles of value based care, enhanced recovery after surgery and effective long term outcomes?

Like this, want more? This piece directly relates to a presentation we recently enjoyed here on TopMedtalk, follow this link to hear it:

Presented by Sol Aronson, Emeritus Professor, Duke University with assistance from Monty Mythen, Smiths Medical Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, University College London and featuring panelists; Jillian Dirkes, Program Manager, Duke Smoking Cessation Program and Andrea Pratt, Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Duke Smoking Cessation Program, Toby Richards, Professor of Surgery, UWA and Sher-Lu Pai, Clinical Director, Preoperative Evaluation (POE) clinic, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.