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Feb 26, 2021

This piece is an informative conversation about the models of prehabilitation from a number of different angles. Questions come in from an online audience as our panelists tackle the topic from their respective areas.

What are the risks and how are they mitigated? Where does your funding come from and why? How safe is iron for cancer patients?

The link to Safe Fit self referal is here:

Presented by Denny Levett, Professor in Perioperative Medicine and Critical Care at Southampton University Hospital NHS Foundation trust and Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Southampton and Gerard Danjoux, consultant in Anaesthesia and Sleep Medicine at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with their guests John Moore, Clinical Director for Intensive Care at Manchester Royal Infirmary and Medical Lead for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, Professor Sandy Jack, PhD, Consultant Clinician Scientist in The Anaesthesia and Critical Care Research Unit at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, University of Southampton and University College London and Rachel Barlow, National Lead, Enhanced Recovery, Prehabilitation and Optimisation, at Cardiff and Vale health board, Wales.