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Jan 19, 2023

Celebrating 5 years of TopMedTalk at 'Anesthesiology'; the Annual General Meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). Please share this interview to you social media channels to help us reach a wider audience.

TopMedTalk is presented by Desiree Chappell, Monty Mythen and Sol Aronson with their guest; Michael Champeau, President-Elect of The American Society of Anesthesiologists.

It covers ‘the vision for the year ahead’ as the ASA's incoming president explains how the organisation intends to deal with the implementation of the ‘No Surprises Act’.

We took a look into our archive recently and dug out interviews with ASA Presidents over the years, have a listen here:

TopMedTalk is very proud to be partnered with the American Society of Anesthesiologists® at ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2022. Now in our fifth year TopMedTalk is bringing you our most comprehensive and extensive coverage of the largest gathering of anesthesiologists in the world!

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