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Sep 28, 2020

This year was always expected to be a big one for prehabilitation, the advent of a global pandemic has only increased the importance of this exciting field of medicine.

Various questions from EBPOM 2020 attendees were tackled by the panel: Can you use "Timed Up and Go" (TUG) and The Duke Activity Status Index (DASI) to screen out unnecessary cardio-pulminary exercise testing (CPET)? What exactly is prehabilitation and what's its natural scope? How important is nutrition? Is it possible to standardise these areas more? What areas are being significantly worked on in prehabilitation medicine in the UK this year? What about - in these COVID 19 times - remote screening and assessment? Also, what about the possibilities regarding aerosolisation, particularly of COVID-19, during CPET? Can prehabilitation work to minimise time spent in hospital?

Presented by Mike Grocott, Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Southampton with Karen Kerr, Consultant Anaesthetist, Departmental Lead for CPET, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (STH) and featuring panelists; Denny Levett, Professor in Perioperative Medicine and Critical Care at the University of Southampton and a Consultant in Perioperative Medicine at Southampton University Hospital NHS Foundation trust (UHS), June Davis, Director of Allied Health Solutions, Allied Health Professions Advisor (part time) for Macmillan Cancer Support and a professional advisor to the Care Quality Commission and Steve Wootton, OBE, Associate Professor in Nutrition at the University of Southampton with an honorary appointment with University Hospital Southampton in Clinical Nutrition.