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Nov 30, 2020

"The main challenge around the variability in the perioperative period is nomenclature, definitions and standardized endpoints. Well designed and well conducted randomized control trials determine effectiveness to an unbiased comparison of outcomes, events, or endpoints between intervention groups".

If data is destiny it is to this that we must look if we want to understand what the future may hold for prehabilitation. This piece takes a pragmatic approach toward the task of ensuring information and datasets are widely applicable, as free from bias as possible and ultimately standardised by consistent definitions and terminology alongside a methodology which produces clear outcomes.

Find out more about the Comet Initiative here:

Find more about the 'Standardised Endpoints in Perioperative Medicine-Core Outcome Measures in Perioperative and Anaesthetic Care (StEP-COMPAC) Group' here:

Presented by Malcolm West NIHR funded Clinical Lecturer in Surgery and Honorary colorectal surgical specialist registrar at the University of Southampton.