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Aug 30, 2020

What are the opportunities presented to a perioperative practitioner when political devolution becomes a reality? What can we learn from the experiences of a team leading the introduction of ERAS+ and prehabilitation across Greater Manchester with a 'Spread and Scale innovation grant' from the Health Foundation? How do you demonstrate benefits which patients and fee payers can understand? How do you go about leading a prehab transformation program, which aims to provide prehab for more than 2000 patients affected by cancer, over 2 years?

The GM teams are very happy to host teams in Manchester who may want to visit MFT and see Surgery School in action and show colleagues what they are aiming to achieve with GM Cancer Prehab. Email John on or

ERAS+ website is here:

NHS Innovation Accelerator website:

GM Active are here:

Presented by John Moore, consultant in anaesthetics and critical care medicine from Manchester, UK, Clinical Head of the Division of Anaesthetics, Peri-operative medicine and Critical Care at Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.