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Jan 30, 2023

The Royal Collage of Anesthetists (RCoA) are re-evaluating in the face of a global crisis; where do you stand in the forthcoming debate?

This piece, chaired by Monty Mythen and Mike Grocott, originally closed EBPOM Dingle. It’s a much needed full and frank discussion regarding the realities of non-physician anaesthesia providers; could they be a realistic solution to the global staffing crisis we have heard about in recent years? It’s a perfect storm which combines ‘mass retirement’, COVID-19 measures and the related delay in elective surgery. When the RCoA grapple publicly with a debate like this there’s a responsibility for anaesthesia practitioners to consider it as well.

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The discussion is inspired by and uses a clip from “The future of the anaesthetic workforce in the UK - a personal view” which is available for free, in full, here:

TopMedTalk has also made the Question and Answer session which followed that presentation available here:

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