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Dec 2, 2018

When it comes to breathlessness how do we better diagnose and apply treatment? How do we overcome the fact that referring to a specialist can sometimes take a patient 'down the wrong route' with a condition that might not be just heart or lung related?

Ronan Astin, clinical consultant in respiratory medicine at UCL Hospital, explains his more holistic approach to treatment and diagnosis.

"Nick the patient" asks a few questions and demonstrates the misunderstanding that many sufferers might have; breathlessness is not always connected to your lungs.

"Johnny the patient" then speaks about his Mother, 84, who has recently experienced breathlessness; she didn't want to complain about it, how can we pick these issues up earlier?

Dan Martin, anaesthetist at The Royal Free Hospital, speaks about his processes including the cardiopulmonary exercise testing they use. Testing patients, during a session on an exercise bike, reveals physiological and pathological causes but furthermore it can reveal the psychological issues which may be behind the problem.


This podcast is presented by Professor Monty Mythen and features contributions from; Ronan Astin, clinical consultant in respiratory medicine at UCL Hospital; Dan Martin, anaesthetist at the Royal Free Hospital and finally 'the patients' Nick Margerrison and Johnny Themans.