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Apr 25, 2022

"Now we've declared it possible, is it the right thing to do?"

This timely discussion considers the wisdom of day case total knee replacement: What do the data say? Can we do this without the use of opioids? What is reasonable to consider as part of an enhanced recovery after surgery program? How do patients make an informed decision when this kind of surgery is in their possible future?

The first TopMedTalk piece mentioned in the discussion is here:
TopMedTalk | Henrik Kehlet and Nick Scott:

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Chaired by Sol Aronson, Emeritus Professor, Duke University & Desiree Chappell, VP Clinical Quality Northstar Anaesthesia with David Howard, Honorary Consultant, Ear Nose and Throat / Head and Neck Surgeon, Imperial and UCLH NHS Trust Hospitals, Brian O'Donnell, consultant anaesthesiologist, Cork University Hospital, Vinod Dasa, VP for Academic Affairs, Dept of Orthopedics, LSU.