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Apr 19, 2021

This roundtable discussion tackles questions from the online audience and is the third part of a longer discussion. It follows on from "The value proposition in perioperative medicine | EBPOM 2021 Las Vegas", if you'd like to hear that go here:

How do we as practitioners deliver value? How does 'population health' fit into the picture? How long before and after surgery are we invested in managing? What's the key point to start a perioperative medicine program in a low income country with no incentives at all; how do you approach the hospital financial department?

Presented by Desiree Chappell, introducing her panelists Linda Groah, CEO, Executive Director of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) and Amy Stout, Operating Partner at Cranemere and Interim President of Clinical Services at NorthStar; alongside contributions from additional contributors from the previous session, Jim Grant, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Mike Englesbe, Darling Sr. & Cyrenus G. Darling Jr. Professor of Surgery, Michigan.