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Dec 17, 2021

This piece continues the discussion regarding blood pressure regulation, moving from the brain to the kidney, heart and lungs via a number of distinguished experts in the field. How do we safely cut through the opinions on these areas and focus instead on relevant data? How do these organs interact in terms of auto regulation? How closely do our clinical tools allow us to infer accurately what a particular patient's needs are?

This piece is part two of two, the first part is advised listening and can be found here:

Presented by Dan Martin, with Monty Mythen, Sol Aronson and panelists Damian Bailey, Professor of Physiology at the University of South Wales, Maryam Khosravi, clinical nephrology, University College London, Andrew Shaw, Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at The University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta and Zone Clinical Department Head for Anesthesia, Alberta Health Services Edmonton Zone and Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (UK), the American College of Critical Care Medicine and the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (UK), Erik Swenson, Director of Pulmonary Diagnostics Service at VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle, WA, Kim Dora, Professor of Microvascular Pharmacology, Oxford University, Chris Garland, Professor of Vascular Pharmacology, Oxford University.