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Jan 10, 2022

This piece has been supported by the "Know AKI campaign" – a bioMérieux global campaign to raise awareness about acute kidney injury. It features a wide selection of clips on the subject of acute kidney injury, restrictive versus liberal fluid therapy and the trials we've seen in recent years which have revitalized debate and learning.

The clips used come from the following podcasts:

Michelle Chew's clip comes from here:
EUROANAES2019 | Michelle Chew

Andy Shaw's clip comes from here:
SCA | Improving your practice

John Kellum is here:

Perioperative Nephrology Fluids and the Kidney

Renal Injury Biomarkers

Urine Output

Vincent D’Intini's contribution originally appeared here:
Periop SIG18 | Goal directed therapy to prevent acute kidney injury

Paul Myles's contributions feature also in this pertinent piece alongside Rupert Pearse:
EBPOM London 2018 – any answers | Part 3 The Big Trials

Tim Miller is worth listening to in more detail here:
Live from Boston ASA 2017 – Intraoperative Goal Directed Fluid Therapy

Dan Sessler is here:
Live from Boston ASA 2017 – The Elephant In The Room – intraoperative hypotension

David Kauffman and Greg Martin feature here:
Fluid Matters 3/6 | Fluid Responsiveness and venous capacitance

Dan Engelman features here:
Daniel Engelman Q&A | EBPOM Chicago

EBPOM Highlight | Enhanced Recovery After Cardiac Surgery

For more from (Trainees in Perioperative Medicine) TRIPOM and Mike Grant go here:
TRIPOM 1.02 | EBPOM USA 2019

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