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Mar 3, 2020

Should prehabilitation be thought of also as "primary prevention" and used to avoid health problems occuring in the first place? If "exercise is real medicine" how do we change the culture so GPs are comfortable prescribing physical activity to patients? How can we get people to exercise more when the political mood is turning against Government interference and the so-called "nanny state"? What is 'the business case' for prehabilitation?

Co-chaired by Mike Grocott and Stefan van Rooijen and featuring: Graciela Martinez-Palli, Consultant in the Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care at Hospital Clinic, Barcelona; Anna Lowe, Programme manager, National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, Lead Allied Health Physical Activity Clinical Champion at Public Health, England; John Moore, Clinical Head of the Division of Anaesthetics, Peri-operative medicine and Critical Care at Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; Sarah Ruane, Sport England’s national lead for health, she joined in January 2016 from local government where she oversaw public health, leisure and cultural services.