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Mar 16, 2020

"There hasn't been any griping, there hasn't been any ill temper and people are coming in to help out in any way..." this piece gives us an idea of how things are going in the UK, in this instance in Whittington, North London. A sense of preparation is in the air. Looking at other countries and the epidemiology "we're about to reach the inflection point when a little trickle of cases [become] a flood".

How can lessons from other nations help our preparation process? Should 'social isolation' be adopted by more potential service users? Why is this crisis so important for the UK to handle correctly? Is it currently more of a 'population health' issue than anything else?

Also, what about healthcare professionals, how should the care both for themselves and their patients? Will lessons learned regarding 'burn out' and self-care be learned and applied at this crucial time?

Presented by Monty Mythen with his guest Hugh Montgomery, Intensive Care Society Board Member and, Professor of Cardiovascular Genetics and Critical Care University College London.

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