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Jul 11, 2020

"Surgery and anaesthesia; you very much recognise right away that that is considered a luxury in many place of the world"

Do you work in a low-resource setting or support partners and organizations that do?

The Lifebox pulse oximeter is specifically designed for high-use, low-resource environments.

Hear about how Lifebox came into existence and discover how you can help.

The World Health Organisation's Surgical Safety Checklist is here:

Recorded live at Anesthesiology 2019, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando and presented by Desiree Chappell, with Sol Aronson, and their guests Alexander Hannenberg, M.D. Senior Research Scientist, Ariadne Labs; Principal Consultant, ORDx&Rx Surgical Safety Solutions, 2010 president of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (recently served as its Chief Quality Officer) and by Kris Torgeson, Global CEO, Lifebox Foundation.

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